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How to phase into retirement

Plenty of older Americans apparently want to do it. No, not that. They want to slowly phase into retirement.

The Rising Challenge of Measuring and Managing Longevity Risk

Rising life expectancy is nearly always considered a good thing. But as people live longer, the financial demands mount.

For Some Retirees, a Second Act Is Easier Than Expected

NEVER in a million years did Cheryl Delaney expect to spend her retirement working with the elderly.

Work Longer and Prosper

Staying on the job a few extra years can deliver a more secure retirement.

RetirementJobs.com and Transamerica to Spotlight Non-Profit Opportunities

The Encore idea is becoming a fixture on the retirement landscape. The latest evidence: the jobs-listing site RetirementJobs.com today adds links to non-profit and volunteer positions to its front page.

With Less Financial Security, Older Workers Stay On The Job

The good news is [age discrimination] is slowly eroding. The bad news is it's not eroding at the rate that would be appropriate to welcome back all of these older Americans into the workplace.

Tips for boomers to find ‘flexible’ jobs

A growing percentage of Americans say their retirement will entail some paid work, either because they’re worried about their lack of savings or because they want to stay active.

Tips for Going Back to Work After Retirement

Lack of savings, rising health-care costs and prolonged life expectancy are forcing more Americans to remain in the workforce for longer than previous generations and re-enter it during their golden years.

Rethinking Retirement: Tips for older job searchers

"Retirement job" seems like an oxymoron. And yet a growing number of Americans say that they plan to continue to work during their retirement years. Unfortunately, finding employers willing to hire them is not easy.

Wellesley entrepreneur aims to help older workers find jobs

Wellesley resident and entrepreneur Tim Driver founded RetirementJobs.com, a website that caters to people over 50 looking for employment opportunities, in 2006.

Working Through Retirement

“Retirement is for sissies” reads the tagline on former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie. In the “Governator’s” latest go-round as an action hero—“The Last Stand”—he plays a long-in-the-tooth sheriff charged with st…

Job Market Even Tougher for Older Americans

A Government Accountability Office report shows that, since 2007, unemployment rates doubled and remained higher than before the recession for workers aged 55 and older. These workers also have a tougher time finding a new job.

Fewer openings, more competition for older job seekers

Finding senior jobs after age 50 can be tough enough at any time, but the recession is casting into a shrinking job market a lot of older people who never expected to be there.

Resume advice for the over-50 crowd

Jobs for seniors and retired? Those with lengthy work histories must keep résumés brief and adjust to today's digital times, career specialists say.

20 Reasons Why Older Workers Can Be a Better Choice

Social Security age? Younger workers may have lots of energy and a technological edge. But you have had more opportunity to develop people skills and a network of resources, plus you're a more relaxed problem solver.

Why Boomers Can't Quit - The Future of Work

Who knows what service work jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25-year high, work will return eventually. Here are 10 ways your job will change.

Boomers face stark choices in bleak economy

Prolonged economic collapse leaves little time to reinvent, recover, rebuild. Discrimination on age makes it even tougher. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

Keep Young and Beautiful—Especially At Work

How a Supreme Court decision is making age discrimination harder than ever to prove. Many older workers in unemployment do not have the option of making a go of it in retirement.

Stress-test your retirement

In anxious times for mature workers, one way to feel more secure about your nest egg is to plan ahead for long term care.

Going Back to Work in Your Golden Years

Many at social security age are getting hit with a cold, hard reality: Their evaporated investment portfolios mean the golden years of retirement are getting further out of reach.

Internships for Older Americans

Do you know of any internship programs for older workers 50 and up? I'd think in this economy employers would start looking to try out experienced people with a good work ethic.

Older job-seekers face special hurdles

Retirees can begin receiving Social Security benefits at age 62, but see benefits rise by 8 percent each year retirement is delayed up until age 70. Several federal bills are designed to make it easier to re-enter or remain in the workforce.

Three ways to deal with a smaller nest egg

So what should the average pre-retiree or retiree do, given what's happened to their net worth? Yes, one obvious solution is to keep working or return to work.

58 and no retirement savings

NEW YORK (Money) -- Question: I'm 58 and have never opened any kind of a retirement account. Is it too late for me to do so now, or should I hope that Social Security will be there when I retire in a few years? --Vincent I., Denver, Colorado It's never to…

Retirees Seek Jobs in a Slow Economy

NEW YORK (Kiplingers) -- Are You Really Ready to Retire? You're putting a satisfying retirement at risk if you don't take these key steps.

Finding work after 50

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Landing a job is tough and a new study shows that no one is finding it more difficult than older workers. Of those who did find work, many are having to settle for entry-level jobs. Others are starting their own businesses.

As workforce grays, employers lag behind

Anne Staats was 75 when she took a year off work to care for her ailing husband. After her husband passed away, she was ready to go back to her job as a receptionist for a home care and medical staffing company but didn't want to work full time. Fortuna…

Hired! Coming out of retirement at 65

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Forget lazy days rocking on a creaky porch swing, these days working is the new retirement. Last year's severe market losses left many once-healthy retirement accounts depleted, forcing many seniors to put their retirement pla…

Suggestions for Older Workers Coming Out of Retirement

Washington Post Personal Finance columnist Michelle Singletary hosts discussion on how retired and seniors get ahead in the job market

Older workers pursue job-search skills

Workplace specialists emphasize the importance of using online resources in a retired job search. Seniors who once turned to help-wanted ads in newspapers now scan Internet job boards. Some specifically serve older workers.

There Goes Retirement

She signed up with RetirementJobs.com, an online job-search tool for people age 50-plus and AARP partner. Three weeks later, she found a job working Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as a legal assistant in a small law firm.

Age bias is alive and well

Age discrimination and bias claims are on the rise. This as older Americans and particularly those who are senior seek jobs.