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Verified Work at Home Opportunities

RetirementJobs.com Staff Writers

Since 2005, RetirementJobs.com, the leading job search internet resource for age 50+ job seekers, has evaluated employers to identify those who demonstrate a commitment to the employment of workers on an age-neutral basis. This rigorous evaluation process leads to the recognition of some organizations as Certified Age Friendly Employers. Certified employers can be recognized by the display of the RetirementJobs.com Age Friendly Certified Employer Seal on their job postings, career home pages, and in employment advertising.


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RetirementJobs.com research has revealed that 30% to 40% of age 50+ job seekers would prefer the opportunity to work from home. This may be due to family obligations, health, the freedom to maintain a flexible work schedule or to avoid the time and expense of commuting to an employer's place of work. Working from home, part time or full-time, may also enable people to work longer than their primary profession or occupation may have allowed. Working beyond traditional retirement age is a financial necessity for many.

The desire, even need, to work at home has created an opportunity for fraudulent companies who masquerade as legitimate enterprises when they are simply unethical or illegal scams preying on people in need of income. Older people, in particular, are easy prey because of desperation and financial vulnerability. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost every year to fraudulent schemes claiming you will earn "$5,000 or more per week" or to "become wealthy working 15 hours a week from the comfort of your own home." RetirementJobs.com is dedicated to enabling mature workers to find meaningful, rewarding and appropriate jobs. We want to assist those of you seeking work to also be able to identify legitimate work-at-home opportunities.

Verified Work-at-Home Opportunities
RetirementJobs.com's Research staff has compiled a list of work-at or work-from-home opportunities that are believed to be provided by legitimate organizations. Several reputable research projects have concluded that only about 1 out of 100 work-at-home opportunities are legitimate.

RetirementJobs.com's list of Verified Work-at-Home Opportunities allows you to explore your work-at, or from-home earning opportunities with a degree of confidence not possible otherwise. You will still need to perform your own due diligence, but you begin knowing that our professionals have screened out the vast majority of frauds and scams.

We define "work-at-home" to include:

  1. Jobs you can do at your home (freelance writing or telephone-based customer service for example).
  2. Jobs you can do near your home using your home as a convenient base of operations (tutoring for example).
  3. Job you can perform from home in your immediate community (personal care giving for elders, for example).

Verification Process
Beginning with a list of more than 500 work-at-home opportunities, we examined each one. We eliminated those that:

  • Don't describe the work you would do
  • Require advance payment for an ill-defined "starter kit" or "handbook"
  • Anywhere we could not speak to a person
  • Promise outlandish earnings for little work
  • Rely on testimonials depicting attractive people and families
  • Depict lavish homes, cars and boats
  • Depict large checks and large quantities of money
  • Have a record of complaints or litigation for fraud
  • Promise to eliminate your financial problems
  • Where we cannot identify the owners or principals

It all seems like common sense, but common sense goes out the window when you're desperate or just a trusting person. Even if you see a potentially good opportunity, please tread carefully.

Having narrowed the list considerably, we then examined the work-at-home provider's web site or business information. We retained only those organizations that we believe to be legitimate organizations and offer reasonable opportunities to earn money working-at- home.

Our Warning to You
While we have made a diligent, good faith effort to verify only those organizations we believe to offer legitimate earning opportunities, we cannot and do not guarantee their legitimacy and legality. You are still responsible for performing your own due diligence research and RetirementJobs.com accepts no responsibility for losses related to your affiliation with any of these organizations.

Not Everyone Will Be Happy
RetirementJobs.com understands that not everyone will agree with the organizations we have included or excluded. We're certain we'll hear from many of the scammers who will object to their exclusion from our list - we regret they will be offended. We want to hear from you about your unfavorable and favorable experience with organizations included in the list. Also, please let us know if we have failed to include an organization that you believe to be legitimate. Send all comments to service@retirementjobs.com.

Future Information
We will continue our research in hopes of refining this list to become more and more reliable. We also intend to provide more information about the legitimate work-at-home providers including details about the work they offer, your earnings potential, their specific terms and conditions, costs and risks.

The List
The first release of the Verified Work-at-Home Opportunities guide contains company names and industry. You're encouraged to start your research from this guide. Be careful, be skeptical and don't let yourself be fooled. Best wishes in your effort to find real work-at -home!

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